Speciality Music

Music for your special event is our Speciality!

Speciality Music provide audio/music equipment and services for hire, whether for private or for corporate use; functions and conferences, special events, birthdays large or small, the list is endless...

When you're in need of a more personalised audio experience, get in touch with Speciality Music, because we'll help make your event even more memorable with our tailored audio services...

Other services in preparation... (enquire for details about the following services)

  • Find a song Service - Looking for a particular song or piece of music you haven’t heard for years?
  • Ideas for Music - for School Assemblies
  • Ideas for Music - for Evenings with a Special Theme
  • Transfer music to CD - Vinyl LPs, EPs & Singles to CD or mp3
  • FOR SALE - Music videos, CD albums, vintage vinyl and vintage sheet music